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Mini Series SAL 4 NEW Patterns Bundle - Alison Glass + Giucy Giuce


THIS ITEM IS SOLD OUT - PLEASE DONT ADD IT TO YOUR CART! This is only open for people who pre-ordered to pay for their patterns. 


FPP Patterns by Giuseppe Ribaudo and Alison Glass
This is a set of all 4 NEW mini series patterns releasing in 2022!
A Tiny Block in a Range of Sizes

Total price will be $35 and will include shipping, but only for this item! There won't be a further discount on this item. The amount you paid for a deposit will be taken off the total. 

As makers we like to leave our mark on what we create by adding a touch that is all our own. But what about the things we use every day? With the Mini Series, turn those items into something extraordinary. Embellish a pin cushion with a tiny pineapple block, add a row of tiny geese to a pencil pouch, surprise a friend with a needle book adorned with a classic courthouse step block. No matter the size, everything we create can make a statement.