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Hanging Tassel Cap - Rainbow Iridescent

Swing one of these tassel caps from your bag strap ring, and bling up your handmade bag, tote or other DIY project. Use your own leather or vinyl to create a tassel that complements your bag perfectly.

How do you make a tassel? Search Emmaline's Blog!

Make sure you use an AWL to poke through the screw hole through the fabric to get the screw started, and so that it goes in easily. Use good glue inside the tassel cap, as per the tutorial!


Overall length from end of hook to end of cap: 2 5/8"
Inside measurement of cap: 3/8" diameter x 1/2" deep
1 Per pack

NOTE: Our Tassel Cap hooks will not clip onto bridge connectors because the ring is too thick, but clip onto D-rings or Rectangle rings.

From Emmaline Bags