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Longarm Quilting Services

Longarm Quilting Services

Do you have a quilt top finished and ready for longarm quilting?

Kingfisher Craft Company provides Professional Longarm Quilting Services on a HandiQuilter 24in Fusion on a 12 ft table. I offer a quick turnaround to get your project back in your hands. You can mail your quilt to the studio or drop it off if you live in the area. I offer a consultation to discuss designs, thread colour, and batting options with you in person or over online messaging.

I have been quilting since 2014 and in 2019 I purchased a HandiQuilter Fusion Longarm with Prostitcher and started working with digitized edge to edge quilting. You can see my most recent work on Instagram.

Custom quilting is only available on a case-by-case basis. Please contact me to book a drop-off time or for sending in a quilt.


"very impressed with Jason’s professionalism and artistic consultation"

by Brett Lewis - Natural Born Quilter

I have used Kingfisher Craft Co. for longarming two of my quilts and was very impressed with Jason’s professionalism and artistic consultation when deciding on an edge to edge pantograph quilting design. I was absolutely thrilled with the end result and fast turn around time! I have also seen Jason’s custom quilting work and it truly a work of art. I will definitely be sending more quilt tops to Kingfisher Craft Co. in the future for Jason to work his magic on. 

"his enthusiasm for quilting and the industry shows."

by Deborah Thompson

Jason has finished sewing several quilts for me (maybe 10?) this past year.  I ask him to choose thread colours and quilting designs for me – and they are always perfect.  He has an eye for what works for each quilt top – and sometimes suggests that double batting would look nice – and he is correct! His instincts and experience are always spot on.  Also, the quality of quilting and finishing is excellent.  I have always been thrilled with his results.

I’m fortunate to live close enough to Jason’s studio so I can drive to drop off and pick up quilts or purchases from his online store.  The location and setting are jaw-droppingly beautiful!  It’s peaceful and spacious – a real treat to visit.  Jason’s studio is bright and colourful, surrounded with many of his amazing creations. 

I look forward to post-Covid times, and hope to be able to take a class from him in the future.

Jason always has time for a visit and he shares what he is working on and his visions of future projects.  Not only that, but he genuinely is interested in and asks questions of what I’m working on.  I’ve shared projects I’ve experimented with that didn’t work out, and he is never critical.  I enjoy talking about sewing with him.  He likes what he is doing, and his enthusiasm for quilting and the industry shows.   

I have, on a couple of occasions, seen fabric collections or quilt patterns that will be released in the future, and I have asked Jason if he would be able to order them.  He has been on top of it already, or quite willing to look into it.  

 I recently completed one of Jason’s patterns – the winter, polar bear quilt.  I believe Jason has a talent and style that is unique and will be recognizable in the future.  I think fabric designers will be fortunate to have him create projects for them in their fabrics.  I look forward to seeing what Jason creates in the future – and I’m so grateful that he has finished my quilts for me.

"the execution, details, and pure artistry puts Jason in a league of his own"

by Mathew Boudreaux - Mister Domestic

Last year, I decided to create an interactive Conversion Therapy Map Quilt of the United States to show in real time which states banned this horrendous practice. Hands down, this is THE most important quilt that I have ever made and I knew that I wanted a queer longarmer to quilt it, To say that I was blown away by Jason is the understatement of the decade. I had no real idea for the quilting and left it to Jason.

The research and care that he took to ensure the accuracy of the topography and identifiable aspects of different areas of the country goes well above and beyond what I would expect from someone who quilted for me. And the execution, details, and pure artistry puts Jason in a league of his own. I’d absolutely trust Jason to quilt anything knowing that it would be an 11 out of 10 and I highly recommend every quilter to allow their quilt tops to grace Jason’s hands. Trust me, you’ll be blown away.

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