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NEW LOWER SHIPPING RATES on all orders! FREE shipping over $250

Metal Bag Label: "handmade" - Gunmetal

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These high quality, bag labels are an exclusive Emmaline Bags design. Designed to decorate your bag, purse or wallet and take it to the next level. Who doesn't want a little bag bling? Brag about your "handmade" bag, and show quality and style at the same time.

Sold in Packs of 1


height: 7/16" (11 mm)
length: 2" (50 mm)

*PLEASE NOTE: The Iridescent Rainbow colour varies for each piece and none of them are exactly alike. You may get a label that is more green, yellow or blue, etc., because they are all different. These labels seem to have turned out with a lot more blue & green. They don't change colour, but have the look of iridescence. We cannot select specific colours for you.

How To: Use on exterior of your bag or project, on the back or front of your clutch, wallet or purse. These attach with two screws and washers. Place the label on the RIGHT SIDE of the fabric and make sure it is straight. With a removable pen, mark holes onto fabric by sliding your pen under the label. The holes are not on the label at the same height, so you cannot use the washer to mark cutting holes. Cut holes with a 1/8" leather punch. Use FrayCheck or FrayStop on holes to stop fraying. Place into interfaced fabric, and cover the screw posts with a back washer, and insert screw. (Hint: place a layer or two of fleece, felt or batting over the label before the washers for a tighter fit. Use glue for extra security.)