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About Us

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Kingfisher Craft Company

Kingfisher Craft Company offers a wide variety of modern quilting fabrics, notions, widebacks and everything quilty plus some handmade unique items and gifts. Shop the online store or make an appointment to shop in person at the studio in Peachland. 

Jason, founder of Kingfisher Craft Company, started making and selling crafts at local markets during the 2016 holiday season. He was so inspired by the small business local makers that it fueled his passion to keep creating new products and connecting with customers at local markets.

In 2020 Kingfisher Craft Company became a full online retail quilt shop, when he decided to take his craft of sewing and quilting online to offer a suite of sewing products from fabrics to notions and custom curated project kits with modern materials and supplies.

"Sewing brings me so much happiness and joy and the friends that I have made through this hobby turned business have been the most treasurable. I want to connect with new sewists and build a connection in the community through a love of craft and creating beautiful modern quilts that last a lifetime." - Jason Bieber, Founder 

Awarded  Best Booth of Show - 21st Annual Okanagan Makers Christmas Craft Fair 2017

About the Artists

Jason Bieber

Jason Bieber is a Wildlife Biologist and an artist born on the Great Plains in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, now residing in Summerland, BC. Jason started Kingfisher Craft Company combining his love of nature and wildlife with his passion to craft.

Like a true Gemini, the diversity of his craft is broad, from quilting, screen-printing, creating handmade body care products, and the list goes on. You'll notice a lot of what Kingfisher does is related to birds. Jason helps run an avian conservation organization studying breeding birds in local habitats in Summerland, BC.

Check out The Okanagan Wildlife and Nature Society on Facebook (@okanaganwns) to learn more. In fact, 5$ from every screen-printed T-shirt from Kingfisher Craft Company is donated to support the program.

When Jason was younger he would babysit his little cousin Nicole, and get paid in part in craft supplies from his Auntie Bonnie. Nicole grew up to be an extremely gifted artist and is the main artist behind many of the designs at Kingfisher Craft Company.

Nicole Janzen

Nicole Janzen is an artist and now a graphic designer from Dalmeny, Saskatchewan. She graduated from Saskatoon Business College in 2016 where she completed the Graphic Design Specialist Program.

Nicole expresses her love for nature through realistic and abstract drawings of birds. She explores other subjects and themes in her artwork as well, but is greatly inspired by anything with feathers.